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the vault

2 contemporary dutch painters
Nice gallery of two Dutch artists: oilpainting, watercolor's and drawings. Worth a visit.

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Dutch landscapes and other
free work of the
Dutch painter, illustrator
Piet Eggen

photographs from the Netherlands
Gallery of the Netherlands.
Click the picture to visit this growing database of pictures of Dutch landscapes, townviews, mill's and rivers.
(Amateur) photographers daily provide this database of new photographs from all over the country. If you want to have your personal photo of any place in the Netherlands added to this database, just feel free to contact me


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Lists of books about Dutch and Belgian history

Lists of books about New Netherland, the WIC, Brazil and the Caribbean area


Lists of books about the Dutch and Frisian language
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Dutch books about New Netherland,Brazil (New Holland) Suriname and the Caribbean isles
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Genealogy-related books
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General Information the Netherlands/Belgium
Genealogy-related books (incl. Dutch-Belgian migration)

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Books about Dutch and Frisian language
History, grammar, syntax, ideom, dutch-learning and onomastics

See also 'Web-pages with specialized book-lists'

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