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Piet Eggen. Painter of landscapes, illustrator of the living nature

Born1949 in the small village of Klimmen in the province of Limburg, the most southern part of the Netherlands.
He studied at the ‘Stadsacademie voor toegepaste Kunsten Maastricht’ (School of Arts) where he received his bachelor-degree.
From his young days on he had a large interest in nature, which is clearly visible in most of his illustrations and paintings.
Although initially depicting nature in all her manifestations, he got specialized and made a name as a painter, illustrator of landscapes and small subjects as plants, fishes, insects and reptiles.
His preference, though, after many years gradually shifted from illustrating to painting.
Beside landscapes, also still live and isolated objects from nature figure in his paintings.
Loneliness and perspective are playing an important role in his choice of landscapes.
These landscapes give the suggestion of ‘a travel to the far horizon’, the viewer sees the run of a river, paths and fields and can follow the view up to the vague contour of the background: he is invited to step into the landscape.
In the choice of his ‘isolated objects’ the outstanding form, the composition and / or the way the light falls is -in a good Dutch tradition- what fascinates him.
portrait of the artist
His involvement in nature makes him travel a lot: often to Asia, particularly Indonesia where he is working for the Protected Species Project
(a investigation of threatened and protected species for the Gibbon Foundation in Jakarta) and he participates in different projects of the Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF).


1992 Poland – Bierbrza and 1994 Spain – Extremadura with the ANF. In May 2005 he joined an ANF project in the Great Fen U.K.
1997 Neusiedlersee – Hungary, Austria. A project for the Dutch journal ‘De Volkskrant’: artist and writer giving an impression of a cross-border nature reserve.
1998 Participating in “De IJssel in gevleugelde kunst” (Impressions of the river IJssel), celebration of 100 years Vogelbescherming (Birdprotection) in the Netherlands.
2002, participating in the project “Texel in schoonheid verbeeld” (Impressions of the beauty of the Dutch island Texel,).
2002 and 2003 Gibbon Found. Indonesia, teacher illustration-course for art-students working for the Protected Species Project in Bogor Indonesia.
His work can be found in numerous nature-magazins, educational books and even in commercial branch productions.


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Piet Eggen participated in the following Group Expositions:

Art Gallery Het Posthuys,
De Koog, Texel

Het Aardhuis, Apeldoorn

“De vlucht van de kraanvogels”,
Slot Zeist 1995

“Portrait of a living marsh”,
Milwaukee Public Museum,
USA 1994

“Leven tussen land en water”,
Slot Zeist 1993

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