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the vault

2 contemporary dutch painters
Nice gallery of two Dutch artists: oilpainting, watercolor's and drawings. Worth a visit.

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Dutch landscapes and other
free work of the
Dutch painter, illustrator
Piet Eggen

photographs from the Netherlands
Gallery of the Netherlands.
Click the picture to visit this growing database of pictures of Dutch landscapes, townviews, mill's and rivers.
(Amateur) photographers daily provide this database of new photographs from all over the country. If you want to have your personal photo of any place in the Netherlands added to this database, just feel free to contact me

New Netherland

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New Netherland Personalities

Portrait and information about Peter Stuyvesant

Portrait and information about Reverend Everardus Bogardus

Powell Ancestors Biographies

The People of Colonial Albany!!!

Portraits of Heermans, Steenwijck, Steendam and Paterson.
Obtained by courtesy of Susan "Godlewski". Illustrations are from the book "New Amsterdam and its People' by J.H. Innes, published October 1902 by Charles Scribner's Sons, University press- John Wilson & Son, Cambridge, USA ) Note: the rather dark portrait of Cornelis Steenwijck is NOT from Innes' book: it is from Jaap Jacobs book "Een zegenrijk gewest". It probably is painted by the Haarlem painter Jan van Goten, Steenwijcks brother-in-law, 1667 or 1668 at the time of a visit he made to the Republic.

Portrait of Heermans, opposite p. 282

Portrait of Steenwijck. opposite p. 48,

Portrait of Steendam. opposite p. 130

Portrait of Paterson, opposite p. 206