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Where they came from: maps and pictures, drawings of some Dutch New Netherland settlers' native soil


The Putten -Nijkerk area

showing the Renselaar farm and its exact location and all the neighbouring farms, including the Bergman or Cootmans-goet alias Wijncoop farm, the Westphalengoed of the Slichtenhorst family and the Corlaer farm, birthplace of Arend van Curler
(The suffix 'goed or goet ' stands more or less for 'estate'.)

the farm of a.o. Kiliaen Renselaar


Nijkerk location in the Netherlands


Source: 'Grote Historische Atlas van Nederland. West-Nederland 1839-1859', Wolters-Noordhoff, Groningen, page 50 (detail)
Links concerning the Nijkerk-Putten area
The Corlaer farm, birthplace of Arend van Curler
The Schenectady / Nijkerk Council
Map of the Nijkerk area, 1865
The Putten area, 1865
Margarita Van Slichtenhorst
De Van Winkoop Pagina's [unfortunately in Dutch]


renselaar neighbourship farms


The larger area between the villages of Putten and Nijkerk with all farms listed. Some of the farms don't exist anymore but most of them are still there. For a larger, printable version go to my Vault. You can also find there a larger, printable version of the map below and the farmlist

map with all farms in the Putten-Nijkerk areafarmlistgo to the place-names

Source: "Een historische zwerftocht door het landschap van Putten" by Klaas Friso. Schaffelaarreeks NO.6 Page 52


The Middachten Manor: map and pictures
map of the area around the middachten manor
Pictures of the Middachten manor
front of the middachten manor
backside of the middachten manor
the middachten manor picture 3