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the vault

2 contemporary dutch painters
Nice gallery of two Dutch artists: oilpainting, watercolor's and drawings. Worth a visit.

eggen logo

Dutch landscapes and other
free work of the
Dutch painter, illustrator
Piet Eggen

photographs from the Netherlands
Gallery of the Netherlands.
Click the picture to visit this growing database of pictures of Dutch landscapes, townviews, mill's and rivers.
(Amateur) photographers daily provide this database of new photographs from all over the country. If you want to have your personal photo of any place in the Netherlands added to this database, just feel free to contact me


...some unnamed pastor:

"The first child can arrive at any time; after that, they tend to take about nine months".
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Research your European ancestors with these free genealogy databases, records, and resources. Browse by country or explore genealogy resources encompassing all of Europe.

genealogy HQ
Genealogy HQ Everything Genealogy, from African American Genealogy to Wv Genealogy.

Help the webmaster in
finding his ancestors!













































For people wrestling with the Julian- and Gregorian calenders there's an absolute great tool/website called: The Perpetual Calendar. It's providing an excellent background-text and a large overview over the use of Julian- and Gregorian dates in different countries all over the world. Another good website about this subject is: Old Style and new style dates and the change to the Gregorian Calendar. 

Also do have a look at the site of the Dutch Nijkerk-Schenectady Foundation. It shows the 'Corlaer' farm in the town of Nijkerk. This was the birthplace of Arendt van Curler.

A good starting point for anyone researching their Dutch ancestors is: Researching Your Dutch Ancestors, by Miriam Klaassen

Persons, researchers who want professional help for historical and/or genealogical research, basic or extensive look-ups in (specialized)  libraries or archives should definitely visit the  'Dutch Archives historical research bureau'. This excellent, professional site is in Dutch and English. The leader of this bureau -situated in Leiden- is highly qualified: visit the site to get an idea!
To gain indepth information on Lambert Huybertszen Moll visit the 'Will the real Lambert Huybertszen Moll stand up' page of the fantastic informative website of the author Warnar Moll.

To learn anything about the Dutch surnames please go to the Meertens Instituut Website. Most of this site is still written in Dutch, but the Database of Surnames has an English version. Bookmark this site!
For information concerning German genealogy I can highly recommend the 'Genealogical Handbook of German Research'.

For those among you who will have to deal with German texts, there's a short but clear article 'Identifying German Names'. Take a -large- cup of coffee, and you'll be much wiser when you finished drinking it to the bottom... The Genealogical Handbook of German Research will take a lot more coffee, but it offers all you need.
The FEEFHS (FEDERATION OF EAST EUROPEAN FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETIES) website is an amazing source for people to search in the Easteuropean area.
To find the right Dutch places and the municipalities and provinces to which they belong to, use How to use the Netherlands Gazetteer of the Familysearch. org.
And, don't forget Cyndi's List for anything you need while starting or heavily involved in Dutch Genealogy: it offers all you need! Persons, having ancestors in mainly the province of Noord-Holland might really enjoy the large genealogical database of Rob Gomes.
I can HIGHLY recommend to visit the site of the GSFA (the Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans). Don't forget to also visit their page containing the Contents of past issues of the Flemish American Heritage, the semi-annual GSFA Magazine. Also mind the Archive CD Books-site. The Archive CD Books Project exists to make reproductions of old books, documents and maps available on CD to genealogists and historians, and to co-operate with libraries, museums and record offices in providing money to renovate old books in their collection, and to donate books to their collections, where they will be preserved for future generations.

Maybe another good idea?
"Names, Names and More Names: Locating your Dutch Ancestors in Colonial America" by Arthur C.M. Kelly. (Another review of this book can be found at Ancestry.Com)
For those who don't understand a word of Latin: go to the Online Latin to English translator.

Wordlist of some Dutch genealogy-related abbreviations, words and their translation.
(Go to the 'Relatives'-page for an extensive list of relative- names and other related words)

popup button genealogical wordlist
Click this button to open this
wordlist in a separate window

Possible abbreviation
(not standarized)
Full Dutch word
  aankondiging (van een huwelijk) announcement, marriage intention
  achternaam, familienaam surname
  afkomstig van, -uit coming from, of ... origin, native of ...
  afstammeling(en) descendant(s)
  afstammeling in rechte lijn lineal descendant
afstammingreeks, matrilineair
ancestral line
umbilical line
  akte deed
ald. aldaar at that (mentioned) place
ambt. ambtenaar civil servant
  andersweer second cousin: children of (first) cousin
  begraafplaats cemetry, graveyard
  begraafboek register of burials, cemetry registry book, records of the graveyard
begr. begraven buried
  belastingregisters tax rolls an registers
ber. beroep occupation, trade
  bevolkingsregister population register
  broer of zus sibling
  broers en zussen siblings, sibship
  bron source
bgm. bruidegom bridegroom
bijl. bijlage addendum, appendix, annex
brd. bruid bride
  buitenechtelijk (clandestine) extra-marital
  burgelijke stand civil registration, registration service, Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, State Registration
ca. circa about
dg. dag or plural:dagen day(s)
  doodgeboren still-born
  doodsakte, akte van overlijden death certificate
  doop baptism, christening
  doopakte, ceel certificate of baptism, christening
  doopboek, -register baptismal register, parish register
  doopgetuige sponsor
  doopheffer, -vader, doophefster, -moeder godfather, godmother
  dopen, ten doop heffen to christen, baptize
  doopkind godchild
d.t.b. doop, trouw, begraaf baptism. marriage, burial
  d.t.b. registers church records, parish records
  familie-wapen coat of arms
Fr.d.d. Franse datum French date. The date according to the French Republican Calender (1793-1805)
geb. geboren born
  geboorte birth
  geboorte-akte birth certificate
geb.dat. geboortedatum date of birth
gecr. gecremeerd cremated
ged. gedoopt baptized, christened
geh. or huw. gehuwd (met) married (to)
gem. gemeente 1.municipality 2.(civil) parish
  genealogie (list)
genealogie (graphical)
genealogy, pedigree, family tree
tabular pedigree, drop-line, pedigree
  generatie generation
  gepensioneerd retired
ger. / ned.ger. (nederlands) gereformeerd
(since 1892)
protestant (many denominations)
gesch. gescheiden divorced
gesl. geslacht gender, sex
gesn. gesneuveld be killed, fallen (in battle)
gest. gestorven died, deceased, passed away
get. getuige witness
  gezinsblad family group sheet
g.h.o. geboorte-, huwelijks en overlijdensregisters birth-, marriage and deathregisters
  gilde registers guild records

huisvrouw v


spouse of...
  huishouding household


uit dit huwelijk
marriage, wedding ; wedlock
from this marriage
  huwelijksaangifte notification of (intended) marriage
  huwelijksafkondiging marriage proclamation
  huwelijksakte marriage certificate
  huwelijksbijlagen marriage supplements
ing. ingenieur civil engineer
j. or jr. jaar and/or junior year and/or junior
j.d jonge dochter daughter, unmarried maiden/woman
j.m jonge man young man, unmarried man
kath. r.k. (rooms)katholiek (roman) catholic
  kadaster land registry, register of real property
  kadastrale acte cadastral records, registry of deeds,
land commission records
  kerk church
  kerkeraad church-council
  kerkhof churchyard, cemetry, graveyard
  kraambed childbed, childbirth
  kraamvrouw woman in childbed
  kraamvrouwenkoorts puerperal fever
  kwartier ancestor; quarter
  kwartierdrager, proband proband
  kwartierherhaling, -verlies pedigree collaps
  kwartierstaat (graphical) pedigree chart, ahnentafel, total descent chart, family circle chart
  kwartierstaat (list) ancestor table, total descent,l blood descent, birth brief
  leveriaatshuwelijk marriage with the (mostly childless) widow of one's brother
ldm. lidmaat (church)member
m. mannelijk male
mnd. maand month
  meisje maiden
  na after
  nageslacht posterity
  nakomeling(e) descendant
n.h. nederlands hervormd Litt.: Dutch Reformed. Protestant (many denominations)
N.N. Nomen Nescio= naam onbekend id. = name unknown
  notariele protocollen notarial records
n.v.t. niet van toepassing irrelevant, doesn't apply
  onbedegen overleden he died 'without goods or money'
o. / onb. onbekend not known, unknown
otr. ondertrouw publication of the banns
ongeh. ongehuwd unmarried, not married
  ongehuwde staat single state
overl. overlijden (noun)
overleden (participle)
death, decease
  overlijdensakte death certificate
  parentatie common descent
  parenteel descendants in both male and female line
  parochie parish
(noun and adjective)
(noun and adjective)
post. postuum born after death of the father
prot. protestant protestant, (Dutch)reformed
prov. provincie province
  rechtsweer (first) cousin: children of brother or sister
  register register, index
rel. relatie relation(ship)
sch. scheiding divorce
  stamboom family tree
  stamhouder son and heir
  stamreeks male line, line of descent
  te (geboren te Groningen) in (born in Groningen)
  testament (last) will (and testament)
  trouwakte marriage certificate
  trouwboek register of marriages
tr. trouwen/ trouwt marriage, wedding / marries
  verwanten relatives
  naaste verwanten next of kin
  gezamelijke verwanten allied, cousinhood, -ship
  volkstelling census
  vonnis sentence (jur.)
v. vrouwelijk female
V.D. voogd paterneel tutor of the fatherly side
V.M. voogd materneel tutor of the motherly side
volm. volmacht authorization
  voor before
  voornaam given name, Christian name
wdnr. weduwnaar widower
wed. weduwe widow
  woonachtig te, wonende te resident of, living in
wk. week, weken(plur.) week(s)
woonpl. woonplaats dwelling-place, home, place of residence
  zelfmoord suicide
  zonder without




CBG, Central Bureau for Genealogy,
the Hague, Rob van Driel

"Van Dale Groot Woordenboek der
Nederlandse Taal"
, Martinus Nijhoff,
Den Haag, 1976

More links:
Dutch genealogical terms

Genealogy Relationship Chart


Dutch genealogical search engines & How to research the Netherlands and Belgium genealogically
GenLias (search the growing site of the Dutch State Archives for birth, marriages and death registers 1811-1912
TOP-toegang op personen (in Dutch but highly recommended!) On this site you can search simultaniously lots of Dutch Archives and Historical Centres

Surname Navigator Netherlands

Geneaknowhow: Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium. Recommended site!

GenWeb (Dutch, but easy)

Genealogy Search database (clearly explained)

Twente Bestand. Searchable dbase of 74650 persons almost all born in or in the vicinity of the Twente region (Eastern Overijssel). Unfortunately in Dutch.

Zeeuws Archive ISIS

ISIS Bergen op Zoom (Noord Brabant)

ISIS Brabant Archives

ISIS Roosendaal (Noord Brabant)

ISIS Tilburg and surroundings


Mirjam Klaassen: Researching Your Dutch Ancestors

GoDutch.Com: The Basics for genelogical research in the Netherlands

NedGen Ancestry search engine & genealogy web directory

De Digitale Stamboom. “Digitale Stamboom” literally meaning Digital Family Tree, is a database collection making the search for geneological information easier. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and from anywhere in the world, the following archival services are accessible:
The Archival service of Amersfoort
The Municipal Records office of Delft
The Regional History Centre, Eindhoven
The Archival service for Kennemerland
The Municipal Records office of Leiden
The Municipal Records office of Rotterdam

Professional Dutch Researchers
Persons, researchers who want professional help for historical and/or genealogical research, basic or extensive look-ups in (specialized)  libraries or archives should definitely visit the  'Dutch Archives historical research bureau'. This excellent, professional site is in Dutch and English. The leader of this bureau -situated in Leiden- is highly qualified: visit the site to get an idea!

Professional Genealogist the Netherlands

Eric Hennekam Agora archives, genealogy in the Netherlands

Family Affairs. Help on doing genealogical research in the Netherlands

(Dutch-Indonesian) Genealogical Research.
General Dutch genealogical information
CBG, Central Buro for Genealogy
Genealogy Helplist Netherlands
Geneaknowhow. net
Dutch Research Corner (D.S.Ristenbatt)

Timeline of Records in the Netherlands

Netherlands Genealogy Links

Genealogy in the Netherlands

Dutch Indies Genealogical Associaton

Homepage Anton Musquetier (If you want for instance to look for Skippers and Constables or Beggars, Colonists, Foundlings and Orphans in the Netherlands)

Yvettes Dutch Genealogy Homepage

Cyndi's List about the Netherlands Resources for Dutch Genealogy

Dutch Genealogy sites

Dutch Genealogy Links

Dutch genealogical links
Regional Dutch genealogical info
All Dutch Provinces

Utrecht e-mailgroup

Utrecht Province Family Names

Groningen e-mailgroup

Genealogy in Groningen

Genealogy of the northern part of Groningen

Gen. homepages Groningen (Dutch)

Genealogy Groningen (Dutch)


Noord-Holland e-mailgroup

Rob Gomes' large genealogical database

Genealogy of the island of Texel

Terschelling/Vlieland families

Friesland e-mailgroup

Genalogy in Friesland (Dutch)

Frisian genealogy sites

All families of the Frisian isle Terschelling

Terschelling DNA. Lots of Terschelling families

Zuid-Holland e-mailgroup

Family names in the Hoekse Waard (Dutch/Scroll down)

Genealogical workgroup Zoetermeer (only the introduction is in English, but might come in handy)

Drenthe e-mailgroup

Reestdal (SE Drenthe) genealogy (Dutch, but very interesting page!)

Historical Society Drenthe


Families in Coevorden (Dutch)

Drenthe families (Dutch/Scroll down)

Zeeland e-mailgroup

Roots on Walcheren

Large list of families of the Zeeland province

Genealogy in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen



Overijssel e-mailgroup
Stadsarchief and Atheneumbibliotheek Deventer.[High quality library with lots of mediaeval and early modern books. Deventer town-archives and library are both to be reached from this site]

Noord-Brabant e-mailgroup

Genealogy in the Hageland and East-Brabant


Gelderland e-mailgroup

Large list of familys from Gelderland

Gelderland Page

Papermaker-family's of the Veluwe (large list, Dutch)

Families in the Zutphen region

A trip into the past...The unofficial Herwijnen Homepage (Herwijnen, a small village in the province of Gelderland)

Limburg e-mailgroup

Genealogy of the province of Limburg







Dutch Sites, listing family pages

Open Directory Project: Genealogy: Dutch family-pages (mostly in Dutch, but lots of names)

Lex's genealogy page

GenWeb (Dutch, but easy)

NedGen Ancestry search engine & genealogy web directory


Dutch-,Belgian- and Luxembourgian family-pages alphabetically listed


Belgium, Luxembourg and Belgian families

The Belgium-Roots Project

Genealogical Society of Flemish Americans

Flemish American Heritage (Magazine)

Find Belgian family-names and their geographical spread over the country

Surname Navigator Belgium

Surname Navigator Luxembourg

Luxembourg genealogy and heraldry data from Luxembourg on the NET

The Luxembourgers in America

Genealogy in Belgium

Genealogy and Heraldry in Luxembourg

Top 100 family-names in Belgium

The Luxembourg Association for Genealogy

Genealogy in Belgium

Belgian genealogical resources

Genealogy in Belgium

Belgium Genealogy Links

Luxembourg genealogy



Dutch-,Belgian- and Luxembourgian family-pages alphabetically listed
Royal family & Nobility

Joan's Dutch Royal Genealogy

Royal Belgian genealogy

The Haus of Hapsburg Genealogy

Rietstap's Armorial

Dutch Coats of Arms [in Dutch]




US-and Canadian family pages...with Dutch Genes
Homepage for Historic Gravestones at the Reformed Dutch Churchyard Cemetery, Staten Island
Prominent Hollanders and Americans of Netherlands Descent. Index
Prominent Hollanders and Americans of Netherlands Descent. Bio's
The Low Dutch Community of Bucks County, PA.
Ramapough Mountain People, “The Jackson Whites” A Pathfinder and Annotated Bibliography by: Randy D. Ralph, MLIS, Ph.D. (Core family's of the Jackson Whites are De Freece, De Groat, Van Donck, Claessen and Mann families)

Brooklyn Genealogy Information Page Index. Great resources

The Barklow Family Tree
Van Borculo Families Web Page

History of the Beekman Family
Genealogy of William Beekman to Henry Beekman
Descendants of Gysbert In Den Boogaertman
The Brink Family
Van Buskirk genealogy
Conover Family Genealogy
Genealogy of the family van Dort
The Fonda Family
Freer Family Genealogy Research
Van Eps Family Genealogy
Van Hoose, Van Hooser, Van Huss family in America
The Van Houten/Iervolino Family
"Sarah Kiersted," 17th century, a 1936 painting of Kiersted with Chief Oratam
Henry Livingston Jr.genealogy
Portrait of H.Livingston's ancestors
Van Petten, Van Patten & Van Patter Ancestry

My Rapalje Family Ancestral Line

Rappleye Roots

Rapelje Family.
Descendants of Joris Jansen Rapelje

Romine Research

Schermerhorn Genealogy and Family Chronicles

The Turelure-de Roo families

Renselaar's roots: the farm in the Netherlands and maps of neighbouring farms

Schermerhorn Family of the Mohawk Valley

The Schermerhorn Family Ancestral History

Stevens-Van Slyck
Dutch Vedder family of Schenectady, NewYork
Vedder, La Fort Liberte Genealogy
Vanderstyne/van de Woestijne
The Ancestors of Maria Van Der Veer
Vanderver Family Home Page
Vandervolgan Family
Oil portrait of Jannetje Vrelandt Drummond, 1776
Van Wicklen/Van Vickle/Van Wickel/Van Wickle/Van Wickler/Van Wicklin Genealogy
Van Woert genealogy



Toke Norby's The Perpetual Calendar

Double Dating

History of the Western Calendar

Calendar of Catholic Name-days

Earth Calendar:holiday's and celebrations all around the world

Calculate duration between two dates (online calculation

Timeline of interesting calendar facts

Old Style and new style dates and the change to the Gregorian Calendar

Conversion guide to Roman Numeral Year Dates

English Calendar

Chronology and dating

Rosetta Calendar. A Calendar Conversion Service

Online Calendar Conversions

The (French) Republican Calendar (1792-1805 in the Netherlands)

Willy's perpetual calendar.[You can use this calendar to find out on which day was (will be) a particular date or determine the date of Easter, Ascension Day or Pentecost for a particular year. By typing a year between 1583 and 9998 (Gregorian calendar), the calendar adjusts automatically the day numbers as well as red font color for the Belgian holidays.]

Oremus Calendar of Saints

The French Republican Calendar
with online converter

The French Republican Calendar

Preserving the French Republican Calendar

Online Calendar Convertor
Alternative Dutch names for the 12 months,
incl. Middle Dutch spellings
Modern Dutch Middle Dutch

Yellow coloured text: names predominantly in use in the SouthernNetherlands (aka Belgium)

Lightgreen coloured text: Frisian

Red coloured text: East Middle Dutch

Januari ( Louwmaand )
Also: Looimaand, Louwmaand, IJsmaand and Hardmaand, Wolfsmaand, Hardemaand
Lau(e)maent, Loumaent, Loymaent
Middle Dutch 'Louwen': to tan, to prepare leather
Februari (Sprokkelmaand )
Also: Schrikkelmaand, Korte maand, Moddermaand, Slijkmaand, Lichtmismaand and Snoeimaand
Sporkel(e)maent, Sprokelmaent,
Middle Dutch 'Sporkel,sprokel, spuerkel, sporkule, sporkille and sprokille' : February
Zellemaent, Zelle, Sel(le), Sil(le), Sul(le)
Maart ( Lentemaand )
Also: Dorremaand, Buienmaand and Guldenmaand
Maert, Mert(e), Meert, Lenten(e)maent, Lintemaent, Lentinmaent
Middle Dutch 'Lente(n), linte, lentin, lentene': spring and/sowing-, sead time
Maerte, Meerte
April ( Grasmaand )
Also: Paasmaand, Eiermaand

April(le), Aprel, Apriel, Aprul,Grasmaent
Middle Dutch 'Gras, gers': grass.
Note: 'gers' also meant '1/3 morgen!

Mei ( Bloeimaand )
Also: Bloemenmaand, Vrouwenmaand, Mariamaand and Wonnemaand

Meye, Bloeymaent
Middle Dutch 'Bloeyen, bloyen, bloen' (verbs): to bloom,to blossom

Juni ( Zomermaand )
Also: Rozenmaand, Braammaand and W(i)edemaand
Bra(e)maent, Braec(h)maent, We(i)demaent, Weimaent, Weemaent, Somermaent
Middle Dutch 'So(m)mer, zomer': summer.
Note: also meant 'pack-animal' and/or 'big oak rafter'.
Juli ( Hooimaand )
Also: Maaimaand, Dondermaand, Medemaand and Vennemaand
Ho(o)ymaent, Hou(e)maent
Middle Dutch 'Ho(o)y, hou(e), ho(e)y, hey': hay
Augustus ( Oogstmaand )
Also: Korenmaand, Arenmaand, Vruchtmaand and Rispemane
Oeg(h)stmaent, Ogestmaent, Hoymaent, (H)oestmaent, (H)ougstmaent
'Oegest' in Middle Dutch meant: 'Harvest')

September ( Herfstmaand )
Also: Fruitmaand, Gerstmaand, Bacchusmaand, Evenemaand and D'andre oogstmaand

Piet(e)maent, Herstmaent (Hervest-, Heerfst-, Herest-, Erft-, Heruft-, Herfstemaent)
Middle Dutch 'Herst' and variations: autumn

Original meaning of
Old Dutch and Old Saxon 'hervist' actually is 'harvest' . Compare August.

October ( Wijnmaand )
Also: Eikelmaand, Zaaimaand, Mariamaand, Rozenkransmaand, Herselmaand, Aarselmaand, St. Baefsmaent and Rusel-/Roselmaand
(A)erselmaent, Saetmaent, Wende(l)maent, Windelmaent, Reuselmaent, Roselmaent, Wijnmaent, Wijnmane ( Middle Dutch 'Wijn': wine)
Ossenmaent (eastern Netherlands)
November ( Slachtmaand )
Also: Nevelmaand, Windmaand,
Loefmaand, Smeermaand and Bloedmaand
Slach(t)maent, Wende(l)maent, Windelmaent
Middle Dutch 'slachten, slechten, slaegten': to slaughter (and also to kill -people)
The use of this word in Middle Dutch context also applied to December
December ( Wintermaand)
Also: Kerstmaand, Silvestermaand, Donkeremaand and Heiligenmaand
Duustermaent,Wintermaent, Wende(l)maent, Windelmaent
The use of this word in Middle Dutch context also applied to November



East Frisia, Germany, genealogical info

East Frisia Genealogy (Germany)

Ostfriesland ancestors

The Griep/Gryp families of the Emsland, Germany


Ostfreisen Genealogical Society of America

East Frisia Reformed Parish Registers

Information about North German Genealogy


Online German heritage books. Great source for genealogists! Pages are in German and English but do mind to CLICK THE WORD(English) AND NOT THE FLAG!
(Although I'm maintaining a Dutch, Belgian, Luxembourg related site it's very important to also list relevant German links, especially those which refer to the German-Dutch border area)
Hans-Georg Boyken, "Wo sind sie geblieben? Ostfriesen in Amerika / Where did they stay? East Frisians in America (Volume 2)" Published by Boyken & Boyken Partners.
ISBN 0967080223.


Rest of Europe, genealogical sources
Germany & Central Europe
A genealogical handbook of German research
Luxembourg Genealogy and Heraldry

Internet sources of German genealogy

German genealogy net

Family research in Germany

GedBas: die Genealogische Datenbasis
(in Germand)

Germany GenWeb Project

Prussian Mennonite Genealogical Resources

FEEFHS Resource Guide Listings

Resources for German Genealogy on the Internet

Finding Ancestors in Waldensian Valleys

Geneactes:genealogy in France

French genealogy page

Researching French Waldensians

France GenWeb

Genealogy and history in France

germany hq
All you want to know about Germany, including genealogy.
RamVille[[Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP. Shareware, about $12]
(RamVille is a parish dictionary which makes it possible to find, even with a phonetical spelling, a parish in the whole France, a department, a region or a former province. Like this you can find very quickly a misspelt parish name or a not very legible one) French: not yet translated into English.

Online Ortsfamilienbuecher

Genealogy Helplist Germany

Niedersachsen Genealogy

Identifying German Names

More about identifying German names
UK & Ireland

IGI-Index (Germand Batchnumbers Index)


Germans to America: 50 Volumes that are not to be trusted

a web-based directory of family history
resources held in public libraries
in the UK and Ireland
The German Research Companion [book]
A big volume of facts and references to aid German family history researchers, and also to assist German Americans to gain a better understanding of their heritage.
Other European

Genealogy Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Including emigrant databases/ family trees/ census report and extract of the Hamburg Passenger List

Schleswig-Holstein Immigrants in New Amsterdam/New York,1636 - 1667.

See my page about the 'Land of Cleves' and the list of places for information about this region

Swiss genealogy on the internet

Genealogy in French-speaking Switzerland

Genealogy & Poland on the internet

Genealogy and Poland - a guide

The Royal Families of Europe

Jonathan Sheppard Books. Ethnic and European Research

Slaktdata: searchable Swedish paris-registers

The Danish Emigration Archives

Genealogy Resource Index for Denmark (GRID)

The Norwegian Historical Data Centre(NHDC)
A guide to New Sweden Forefathers
The Finnish Language on the Delaware
Searchable database of members of the (Dutch) Reformed Church in Suriname (also including French-speaking members and others. Site is in Dutch. For help you can contact the webmaster)
bbean Genealogy: resourcesCari
Netherlands Antilles GenWeb


Indonesia (former Dutch East Indies)
Indonesia Genealogy. WorldGenWeb Project
Indonesia Surname Helper
Beginning research in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea
Indonesian Family Sites
The Malaysian Dutch Descendants Project
South Africa
The Stamouers Project Website. Beautiful website about South Africa's history and first settlers
The South  East  Witwatersrand  Family  History  Society (SEWFHS).
Genealogical Society of South Africa
National Archives of South Africa (NASA)
Huguenot Society of South Africa
e-Family genealogy site
Heather's South African Genealogy helplist
Huguenot Society of South Africa

South African genealogy

Naming practices in the Eastern Cape: the influence of English

Cyndi's List: South Africa

South Africa's Stamouers

Jewish South African Genealogy

Huguenots at Cape Good Hope

South African Passengers Lists
Huguenot Museum; genealogy
Family History ResearchIn South Africa
The Hayes family of south Africa
The contributions of the Huguenots in
South Africa
(incl. lots of names)
Huguenot names which survive in South Africa
The Viljoen family
The Huguenot foundation of South Africa
South African Department of Home Affairs
Australians serving in the Boer War
Genealogy without Frontiers. The Genealogical Society of South Africa
South Africa Mailing List
Pennsylvania Dutch, Amish & Mennonites/Anabaptists
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German Myth: Pennsylvania Dutch or German?

Pennsylvania Dutch are of German heritag, not Dutch

Pennsylvania Dutch. The Columbia Encyclopedia

The Pennsylvania German Society

Pennsylvania Dutch. From

Swiss genealogy, Personal pages of Swiss Families (including resources for Mennonites and Amish)

Amish, Mennonite & Anabaptist Genealogy: resources for Family History Research


Pennsylvania Dutch Family History, Genealogy, Culture and Life

Pennsylvania Dutch Culture

The Amish and 'the plain people'

Palatine & Pennsylvania-Dutch Genealogy

Pennsylvania German, so called
"Pennsylvania Dutch"

Pennsylvania Dutch: Ancestry, Art and Culture

Amish and Mennonite research

Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association
(with an enormous DataBase!!)

Mennonite Sites


19th century Dutch emigrants to the Mid-West
For more information about the Mid-West you can visit the Mid-West page on this site
HERRICK Library's Listing of SURNAMES in Ottawa County Michigan
Graafschap Cemetery, Holland, Michigan
Pilgrim Home Cemetery, Holland, Michigan
Michigan Genealogy Links
The Michigan 1870 Census Index
Michigan Vital Records Information
The Dibean Michigan Marriage Index
Rootsweb's MiGenWeb
Western Michigan Genealogical Society Online
The Dutch in Kalamazoo
IAGenWeb Project Interactive Map Iowa
Ottawa County Census
1820 Federal Population Census for Michigan
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Birth- death- & marriage indexes (BMD's)
GenLias Searchable growing site of the Dutch State Archives for birth, marriages and death registers1780-1912
With this search-tool you can easily research your Dutch ancestors back to 1780. They do have an English interface so it's very easy to use.

Index Marriages in a lot of places in the prov. of Noord-Brabant. Very good, informative site

Parish-records Hageland and east Brabant

Parish-records Hageland and east Brabant

Alblasserwaard, prov. Zuid Holland (Dutch)
Parish-records Overpelt (Dutch)
Ruinen (Drenthe)marriage records
The region of Eindhoven
Meppel (Drenthe) marriage records
Digital Resources Netherlands and Belgium
Regional Historical Archive Bergen op Zoom (Noord Brabant)
Den Ham/Vroomshoop (Overijssel) books of baptism's and marriage's

Genealogy Belgian Brabant. Baptismal, marital and funeral registers from the villages Ottenburg, Sint Agatha Rode, Sint Joris Weert, Huldenberg, Loonbeek, Duisburg, Neerijse, Korbeek-Dijle and Vossem

Tresoar. Search marriages-, baptisms- and death registers of Friesland. In Dutch. Click the Dutch flag on the start-screen -NOT the Frisian flag! Go to the button 'Direct naar >>>' and choose: 'Geboorte, huwelijk en overlijden'. You'll find out the rest.
Index to Court and Notary Records in the Province of South Holland - 1600's - 1800's
Families of South Holland - Index to Christenings (1695-1812) (CD's)

Reestdal (SE Drenthe) genealogy (Dutch, but very interesting page!)

Searchable databases of some villages in the prov. of Noord-Holland, starting from 1811 or later. (Use the 'Search a place' button)

Digital Family Tree Eindhoven. If you are a genealogist looking for ancestors that have lived in the Eindhoven region you can use this index to search a collection of baptismal, marital and funeral registers up to 1811.
Genealogy south-east Utrecht. Search marriages-, baptisms- and death registers and the Civil registration records in the south-east area of the province of Utrecht.

Post 1811 marriages in some Noord-Holland places

Search the Noord-Brabant registers

De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam- Tombs on the Internet. Tracing the lives of citizens of Amsterdam covered by gravestones in Amsterdam's Old Church.
Graven op Internet. Same database of the Tombs in the Oude Kerk, but this one is in Dutch. Only -great- advantage: the page is loading a lot quicker!

IGI batchnumbers of the Netherlands and Belgium

Marriage Records,  village of Bourtange (Province of Groningen, Neth.) 1696-1728 and1751-1810
Chose 'Trouwboek Bourtange" in the menu
(In Dutch)

Baptism Records,  village of Bourtange (Province of Groningen, Neth.) 1695-1718
Chose "Doopboek Bourtange" in the menu
(In Dutch)

Marriage Records Search in all US States

Marriage Records, village of Hilversum (1685-1925) (In Dutch)

Baptism Records, village of Hilversum (1592-1903) (In Dutch)


Groningen / Friesland / Drente
Noord- and Zuid-holland
Farms in Warmond.(North of Leiden)
Overijssel / Gelderland / Utrecht
Zeeland / Noord-Brabant / Limburg
Bergh and surrounding area
(Achterhoek, prov. of Gelderland)


Dutch Jewish Genealogical Database. Center for Research on Dutch Jewry
Digital monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands
Publications of Dutch Jewish families
Netherlands Society for Jewish Genealogy
The Jewish VAN GEUNS family (Groningen province)
The Jewish Web Index. Search your Jewish roots by country
Database Jewish Frisians. [In Dutch only]
Jewish History Resource Centre
Sephardic names translated into English
Sephardic Genealogy Sources
Sephardic Genealogy
Jewish Genealogy Links

Jewish Genealogy Cross-Index

Family Links for Jewish Genealogy

Huguenot resources

The Genealogy Forum:
Huguenot Resource Center

Deutsche Hugenotten Gesellschaft e.V. Historical and genealogical info with an accent on the Huguenottes who fled to Germany

German Huguenotte family Loyal.
Including a large database of Huguenotte names in Germany

French Huguenotte Families in the Uckermark

The Refuge Huguenot Database (In French, English, Dutch, German and Italian)

Huguenot-Walloons-Europe archives

Huguenots of France and moreover

French Refugees in Great Britain in the early 1700's

Devon (UK) Huguenot Surnames

Promise of certain "Walloons and French" to emigrate to Virginia, 1621

List of qualified Huguenot ancestors, by the National Huguenot Society
Dutch- and German genealogical wordlists

Dutch genealogical wordlist

Dutch genealogical terms

Another extensive Dutch genealogical wordlist

German - English genealogical word- and symbols list

German - English genealogical word list
Dating old photographs

Family Chronicle's guide to Dating Old Photographs

Restoring Damaged Photographs

19th Century Photography (incl. a nice gallery of old photographs)

Dating Your Photographs


Decree of Napoleon (1811) on family-names in the Netherlands

Decree of Napoleon
In the Palace of St.Cloud, August the 18th 1811"
Napoleon, Emperor of the French, King of Italy, Protector of the Rhine-alliance, Negotiator of the Swiss Alliance.
On the report of our Supreme-Judge Minister of Justice; Respecting our Decree of July 20th 1808; Consulting our Statescouncil;
We made the following decree:

Art 1. Our subjects in the departments of the former Holland, Mouths of the Rhine, Mouths of the Scheldt, the county of Breda, which did not have a regular family or first name, must during the year of the announcement of our current decree adopt one and register this name at the register of the civil town, where they are living.
Art 2. Names of cities will not be allowed as family names. First names are accepted like the which are allowed by law of the II germinal in the II th year.
Art 3. The mayors which register the inhabitants of their towns, will check and give notice to the government that the previous articles were respected. They are also bound to inform the government about civilians who have changed their name without conducting according to the rules of the above mentioned law of II Germinal IIth year.
Art 4. The subjects the departments of the former Holland, mouths of the Rhine, mouths of the Scheldt, the county of Breda, which already carry for a longer time well known names and first names which were originated in those towns are excluded from the rules of the current decree.
Art 5. The subjects, of the previous article, which want to keep their name and first names, are bound to register themselves in the town where they live or in the town where they are planning to settle: this all within the time as mentioned in article 1.
Art 6.The family name, which the father, or, by indeposition of him, the grandfather on the fathers side, will accept ,or which name will be granted, will be given to all children, which will be bound, to carry the same family name in the certificates; therefore the father, or, by indisposition the grandfather, the children and grandchildren will mention in his registration as well as the place of living; and for our subjects who's father, or by his indeposition, their grandfather is still alive, have only to state that he is alive and give his place of living.
Art 7.Those, which by the current decree not act according to the given formalities and time, and those, which, in some public paper or private agreement, arbitrary and not act following the rules of the II germinal IIth year, have changed their names, will be punished in accordance with the applicable laws.
Art 8. Our supreme judge-minister of justice and our minister of internal affairs are, for their respective duties in charge with the execution of the current Decree, which will be placed in the bulletin of laws.
(signed.) NAPOLEON
Representing the Emperor, the Minister Secretary of State,


Supplementary comment:

The "Burgerlijke Stand" (Registration Service/Civil Registration) was an idea of the French, introduced 1792 in France, 1796 in Belgium, Dutch Limburg and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. (Maastricht, capital of Limburg already had Civil Registration introduced in 1794), 1811 in the Netherlands
Though officially introduced in 1796, it lasted till 1803 that Civil Registration in Belgium was accomplished completely. So Napoleon's Decree on family names of 1811 for the Netherlands didn't immediately lead to the adoption of fixed family names by all Dutch inhabitants. Especially in the northern provinces Groningen and Friesland many families just persisted in using patronymics the old way. Generally, the genealogist can assume that fixed family names for all Dutch and Belgians were a fact from the year 1825. So it's not impossible that while tracing your ancestors in the Netherlands you will still find some with varying names or patronymics between 1811 and 1825!