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Some notorious old Dutch recipes, slightly adapted to our modern times
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The Webmaster's Wife Real Dutch Erwtensoep

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Ingredients (for 4 persons)
400 gram green split peas
Abt 400 gram thready meat (pork) which disintegrates easily after cooking
Salt, pepper to your taste
1 laurel leaf (dried)
2 potatoes (who easily boil to mash)
3 leaks
1 small winter orange root/carrot (Winter carrots are bigger than the normal orange carrots we eat)
1 not too big celery root (Essential!)
A handful of celery-leaves (not stalk celery!!)

1 smoked sausage











Orange (winter) root/carrot?












celery. parsley and celery leaves

To read more about celery root and or celery leaves please visit Sally's Place












Method of preparation
1. Put the split peas, the meat, the laurel leaf in a big pan filled with two liter of water, together with a half tablespoon of salt. Put the fire high and wait till it all cooks;
2. Put the lid on the pan when it cooks (and if present, remove scum with a spoon). Turn down the fire and let it boil softly;
3. While the soup is boiling on a low fire, clean the vegetables:
-Cut the potatoes in small cubes
-Cut the leaks in small rings (or even smaller if you prefer)
-Wash the celery root, peal of the brown, rough, hairy skin and cut it in 4 or 5 slices first and after that in small cubes
-Grate the carrot (like you grate cheese)
-Cut the celery leaves very fine.
4. Take the meat out of the boiling soup and let it cool down on a plate, where you can cut it in small parts or threads;
5. Put all the greens in the soup, together with the cut meat and add some salt and pepper to taste;
6. Put the smoked sausage(s) in the soup and the lid on the pan and let it it cook softly for about 30-45 minutes

Have a nice meal!
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The Webmaster's Wife Real Dutch Hutspot

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Ingredients (for 4 persons)
5 big onions
5 big orange (winter) carrots, each about 20 cm long
Salt, pepper, nutmeg (preferably rasping a nut yourself for one third)
Abt. 2 kilo potatoes
A lump of butter (just the quantity that suits your taste and cholesterol...)
A few beefsteaks (abt.500 gram)
One smoked sausage










Orange (winter) root/carrot?






the 'masher'


Method of preparation
1. Take a large pan, filled with three fourth of water, add the meat and some salt when the water boils. Leave this boiling softly, with the lid on the pan, for about 1 hour;
2. Cut or slice the 5 big carrots in small pieces/slices. Do the same with the 5 big onions. Put it in the pan together with the boiled meat;
3. Peel the 2 kilo potatoes and put it in the same pan. Add a little lump(abt50 g)of margarine.
4. Let it all boil till the potatoes and carrots are well-done

5. Take the pan from the fire and add some rasped nutmeg (see the picture), salt and pepper to your liking;

6.Get the 'masher' and mash it all. You can also use a mixer,but, don't mix it too fine and fast (if you like meat...)


Have a nice meal!
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Poffert, a solid and substantial surprise of the province of Groningen

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125 gram flour and 125 gram buckwheatflour (or just 250gram flour)
0.2 liter milk
125 gram raisins
125 gram currents
2 tea-spoons rasped orange- or lemon peel
15 gram yeast
sugar and salt
20gram vanilla-sugar
2 eggs
bread-crumbs or semolina
optional: 50 gram fat pork, cut in small cubes

Baking tin?



Method of preparation
1. Put the raisins and current in a bowl filled with lukewarm water: let them well for 30 minutes
2. make the milk lukewarm on a slow fire
3. dissolve the yeast and 1 tea-spoon of sugar in 1 or 2 table-spoons lukewarm milk
4. put the 250 gram flour (both normal- and buckwheat) in a large bowl with a tea-spoon of slatand mix it well
5. Add the dissolved yeast, sugar and milk mixture to the flour, together with the welled raisins, currents and rasped orange- or lemon peel. Mix it all well with a wooden spoon till you have a solid but supple dough. (Optionally you can now mix the bacon-cubes through the dough)
6. put a moisty cloth over the bowl and put the bowl in a warm corner of the room to let it rise for about 1 hour. Mix the dough again shortly after this hour before putting it in the tin
7. grease the pan/mould with butter or margarine and spread lightly bread-crums or semolina over the buttered inside
Now comes the difficult part: you can either bake the poffert or cook it (au bain marie). I would recommend the original method: cooking au bain marie. However, we face a problem here (which can be solved): in Groningen the farmers used a pan/mould with a lid that could be attached to the pan/mould in such a way that it was impermeable to water.It is very difficult to get your hands on a cooking-device like this.If you use the tulband-tin (see above illustration) which is open, you can place it in a large not too wide pan where the tin simply can't topple. I will describe both methods below:

- fill the pan/mould with the dough. Not to the brim but 1/2 -3/4. Put this dough-filled pan/mould in a larger pan which contains boiling water. The water in this pan should be some fingers below the top of the pan/mould in order not too come in contact with the rising dough.Let the water cook for 1 hour, with the lid on the pan. Do control the water-level in the pan: it might be necessary to add some water now and then.The cooking water should not come below the half of the pan/mould.
- take the pan/mould out of the water and let it cool for 10 minutes.

Have a nice meal!
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  Boterbabbelaars, sugar-shots from Holland

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Ingredients (for abt. 60 boterbabbelaars)
100 gram of butter
125 gram white (normal granulated) sugar
75 gram (soft) brown sugar
2 table-spoons of molasses

1/2 a table-spoon of vinegar

1/2 a tea-spoon of salt
someone to hold your hands when your dentist is repairing your teeth







behold, the enemy of your teeth








Method of preparation
1. Put the butter, brown- and white sugar, molasses, vinegar, salt together with one table-spoon of water in a small iron pan (with a thick bottom)
2. Put the pan on a small, slow fire and keep on stirring this mixture till the sugar has melted completely. Finish stirring when the mixture gets tough
3. Put the mixture carefully on a greased griddle or plate
4. Put the mixture in strips, fingers first and cut these strips in small cubes
5. Put it somewhere cold to let the cubes harden
....mind your denture
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