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the vault

2 contemporary dutch painters
Nice gallery of two Dutch artists: oilpainting, watercolor's and drawings. Worth a visit.

eggen logo

Dutch landscapes and other
free work of the
Dutch painter, illustrator
Piet Eggen

photographs from the Netherlands
Gallery of the Netherlands.
Click the picture to visit this growing database of pictures of Dutch landscapes, townviews, mill's and rivers.
(Amateur) photographers daily provide this database of new photographs from all over the country. If you want to have your personal photo of any place in the Netherlands added to this database, just feel free to contact me


Dutch food, traditions, behavior,customs, legends and folklore

curb Job Rabbelier. Click picture to brows his portfolio

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dutch customs, traditions, legends, folktales, food, hotchepot, hutspot, the dutch, drinks, belgian beer, sinterklaas, st.nicholas

Go to:
Link-collection traditions, customs,legends, folktales and food
Dutch&Belgian Feast- calendars
Leisure & folklore articles by Cor snabel
Pictures Grocerie's Museum Utrecht
The Webmaster's Wife Real Dutch Erwtensoep
(and more recipes ...)
Regional costumes
Delft tiles
The Benelux Royal Families
Dutch ethical issues
Photo-impression Dutch open market
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To become a good visual idea about Dutch feasts and traditions, the 17th-age Dutch genre painters offer a wealth of information. Jan Steen for instance wonderfully pictured Dutch daily family-life like for instance the 'Feast of St. Nicholas' and the 'Bean Feast', the feast of Dertienavond (= Twelfth Night) 13 day's after Christmas. You can easily find these paintings by clicking here. This will bring you to 'Genre paintings (page 1)' from the The Web Gallery of Art-site. Some other great art-sites are:

Mark Harden's Artchive

The Art Cyclopedia site

Go to the World Database of Happiness to find out what contemporary Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourgians think about life .The Database is a continuous register of scientific research on subjective appreciation of life. It's a Dutch project of the Erasmus University, Rotterdam.
For folklore and mythology of the Netherlands and Belgium, but also from any country or region in the world I can recommend the 'Folklore and Mythology' site, which is filled with a shipload of electronic texts.

old delft tiles

Delft Blue Information
(part of the beatuful Vermeer-site)
Gallery Traditional Delft tile stiles
A. A. J. Berendsen, "Tiles: A General History", Viking Press NY,1967
C. H. de Jongé, "Dutch Tiles", Praeger Publishers, NY,1971
Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, anno 1653 Royal Delft Delft blue
Delft Pottery
'De Delftse Pauw'


Food, snacks, eating habits, recipes and more nutritious stuff...


Customs, traditions, culture, politics, ethics, jolly prejudices..

IMPORTANT! Not all chosen links necessarily reflect the opinion, political inclination or social attitude of the webmaster! 

Dutch (historical) recipes

General Dutchbearers in the Putten area

Discover traditional Dutch food
Many, many recipes

The Dutch food

Dutch Cookies


Dutch sweet recipes

Seasonal recipes

Dutch Recipes

Dutch Cooking

Bitsys Kitchen; Dutch Recipes

Marne Mustard from the province of Groningen

Dutch recipes

The Webmaster's wife Real Dutch erwtensoep!

Julie Zuiderwijk's recipes

Cooking on a Dutch oven

Coffee, cheese, cigars and other sweets from Holland

Christmas recipes/Sinterklaas recipes

Sauerkraut: as Dutch as German.

The Dutch character

The Dutch, the English and van Gogh.
Speech by John Leighton, director of the van Gogh Museum
(if page is not available the article is also to be found in the Vault)

Quip van Winkel's . . Dutch Culture...

Dutch sayings and proverbs

Dutch markets. Pictures and history

The Dutch tax laws

The Undutchables Website!

American Vlaai - Resources for the native English speaker living in the Netherlands

The Dutch

Dutch society, customs and traditions

Dutch Birthdays

Dutch life in town and country (19th century)

Life abroad in the Netherlands

Dutch US-Sites

Expatriots in the Netherlands Webring


Lesbianism in 17th-Century Dutch Poetry’

Real Dutch

Dutch Culture


Radio Netherlands
News & Info from first hand. Holland: Living in the Netherlands or Moving to the Netherlands

A few things about the Dutch you should know...

Let's go Dutch
Peaktalk blog.
Lots of Dutch issues are discussed here.
Dutch ethical issues

Dutch policy on human rights

Humanism and Homosexuality in the Netherlands

Dutch Marijuana Use Half That Of America, Study Reveals

Dutch Voluntary Euthanasia Society

Bert Keizer, "Dancing with Mister D - Notes on Life and Death", published by Black Swan, 1997.
ISBN 0 552 99691 2
Belgian (historical) recipes
General Belgium

The Belgian CookBook [eBook from the Gutenberg Project]

Recipes from Belgium

Belgium: society, character and culture
(Nice site but sometimes loading slowly)

Belgium: character and culture

The Belgian Recipe Page

Recipes of Belgium

Laughter, Jestbooks and Society in the Spanish Netherlands [book]

Belgian recipe collection

Belgian Recipe Page

Belgian Endive

Flemish Beef Stew Cooked in Beer

Some Belgian traditions and feasts

Festivals of Belgium

An A-Z of Belgium
Dutch/ Belgian eating & drinking customs
Dutch Religious and Seasonal Feasts
Food, Drink and Shopping
Saint Nicolas (Sinterklaas)

Dutch food and eating habits

Saint Nicholas and the origin of Santa Claus

Is there a Father Christmas?

Sinterklaas, A Dutch Tradition [good article, reflecting quite well the nowaday's reality]


Sinterklaas in the Netherlands

About Sinterklaas

General article about St.Nicholas

The celebration of Christmas (General, not specifically about the Netherlands)

Christmas in the Netherlands [don't try the video's: they don't work]

The Midwinterhoorn foundation

Real Dutch Dishes& Drinks
Festivals of the Netherlands


Dutch food


Dutch Cheese

Cheese in the Netherlands

Sinterklaas in the Hudson Valley

Dutch guy's in tights. Black Peter

Dutch New Year's Treats and Traditions
Belgian Seasonal Feasts

Christmas in Belgium

Real Belgian Dishes & Drinks

Belgian Fries

Belgian chocolate

Belgian Beer

Belgian Waffles
Dutch Traditions, Folktale's and Legends

The legend of Hansje Brinkers

The Elevencitiestour of Friesland

The eleven towns journey

The Lady of Stavoren. A Dutch Folktale

The wife who could not keep a secret [Dutch folktale]

The frog and the snail [Dutch folktale]

The man who fell from heaven [Dutch folktale]

How an ox became mayor [Dutch folktale]

East Frisia (Germany)

Cooking Recipes from East Frisia

East Frisia Tea

The Eastfrisian Teegesellschaft

eating fish get an impression of the (eating) Dutch (and Germans from right over the border) at their weekly markets in the open air... just click the picture...
Dutch-American relations

Luxembourg food

Festivals of Luxembourg

Dutch-American Friendship Day

The International Criminal Court:
In Dutch With America

Meanwhile: Americans belittled by the taller Dutch

Translations of food- and foodterms

Dutch foodlist (translations Dutch-English)
Belgian Traditions, Folktales and Legends
Netherland products
The Eulenspiegel Website

The Dutch Market

The Holland Ring Shop

Hollandwinkel.Nl. Dutch products

European Gourmet Gifts

Dutch Village Shopping directory

De Bosschere, "Folk Tales Of Flanders", NY:Dodd 1918. 179pp, 24 folk tales collected by de Bosschere and illustrated by him.
De Bosschere, "Christmas Tales Of Flanders", NY: Dodd Mead & Co., 1917. 1st USA Ed., illustrations. Twenty three Flemish tales.
De Bosschere, "BEASTS & MEN: Folk Tales collected in Flanders"; London Heinemann 1918; 100 ils by Bosschere, 178pg.
The Belgian Beer Shop Online
The choristers of Saint Gudule [Flanders folktale]

South Africa
Recipes from South Africa [click 'Recipes' at the bottom of the screen]
Landscape, architecture



Typical Dutch landscape (Twenthe, Overijssel) as painted by Nicolien Hobert, young Dutch painter. Click the painting to see more of her colorful, naive work . Click the link 'Send a postcard' to send this picture to a friend



Photographs of the Dutch environment, including landscapes, towns etc by - in the webmasters opinion- very talented  and productive Dutch photographer
Irene Vermeijen

You can also visit the Gallery of the Netherlands on this site. This is a growing database of photographs of the Netherlands, made by (amateur)photographers

take a look at the paintings and sketches of the Dutcht artist/illustrator Piet Eggen who's exhibiting some of his works at this CarPark


Windmills in the Netherlands

Belgian World Heritage sites

Dutch World Heritage sites

Typical Dutch Zeeland landscapes
Cookbooks of the world: the Netherlands
The Undutchables: Fun!!
Discover traditional Dutch Food
Simple Guide to Holland, Customs and Etiquette
The Art of Dutch Cooking
Culture Shock! The Netherlands
Dandy Dutch Recipes
"Legends & Folk Tales of Holland", by Adele de Leeuw and ill by Paul Kennedy
The Sensible Cook: Dutch Foodways in the Old and the New World
The Dutch Heritage Bookshop
Belgium Cookbooks

"Tales told In Holland", by Olive Beaupre Miller, Maud and Miska Petersham

Belgo Cookbook
"A Light in the Dunes", by Martha Attema

Everybody eats well in Belgium Cookbook

Dutch Cookbooks

"Dear Henry". A compilation of profound and humorous communications from a British expatriate (in Holland) to his nephew Henry (in England), preparing Henry for a move to the Netherlands.
Dandy Dutch Recipes
Culture Shock!: Belgium
Xenophobe's Guide to the Dutch
The Xenophobe's Guide to the Belgians
Dutch & Belgian Souvenir Shops
Dutch Touches: Recipes and Traditions
1st Advanced Online Shopping Mall:
Holland Souveniers
Belgium souvenirs


The Benelux Royal families
The political influence of the Dutch queen
House of Orange
Website of the Dutch Royal House
Monarchies of Europe
Claus von Amsberg 2
Claus von Amsberg
Belgium Royal History & News
The Luxembourg Grand Ducal Family
Leopold III of Belgium.Wikipedia Encyclopedia
Prince Bernard. Wikipedia Encyclopedia
Baudouin of Belgium. Wikipedia Encyclopedia
the Bilderberg Group
The Dutch Monarchy



Religious- and non-religious feasts in the Netherlands

Celebrated now and in the past

(16-/17th century included)

Not celebrated anymore worth mentioning. Some local customs remained in the rural areas

Not celebrated worth mentioning not now nor in the past


Modern feasts and commemorations



Double-click the Blue words to see a popup window with a short explanation of the custom/feast. These texts are written and contributed by Cor Snabel. Click here if you want to read all his "Leisure and folklore" articles.
You will need
Microsoft Explorer 5.0 or later to be able to work with popup-messages: earlier versions and some versions of Netscape don't support this protocol.

December 31, morning and afternoon Oudjaar, oudejaarsdag New-Year's eve
December 31, evening Oudejaarsavond New-Year's eve
December 31, night Oudjaarsnacht Old-Year's night
January 1 Nieuwjaar (-sdag) New-Year's (day)

January 5, evening




Driekoningenavond, Dertienavond

Very popular and widespread in the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th century!

Twelfth Night
January 6 Driekoningen Epiphany
February. Period of 3 days, antecedent to the 40-day period of fasting Carnaval Carnival
February Vastenavond Shrove-Tuesday
February Aswoensdag Ash-Wednesday




(start of the 'Goede Week')

Palm Sunday

(start of the Holy Week)

March or April
Witte donderdag
Maundy (Thursday)
March or April Goede vrijdag Holy Friday
March or April Stille zaterdag or Paaszaterdag Holy Saturday
March or April Paasavond Easter-eve
March or April Paasachten Low Sunday
March or April Paaszondag or Eerste paasdag Easter Sunday
March or April Paasmaandag or Tweede paasdag Easter Monday

April 30




Koninginnedag (= Queen's birthday). Celebration of the Queens' birthday. Not the real birthday of the ruling Queen, but a fixed date, derived from the actual birthday of former Queen Juliana  

May 4



(commemeration of all the dead and victims of WW II)


May 5



(liberation-day 1945)
May Hemelvaart (-sdag) Ascension Day, Holy Thursday
May, the Friday antecedent to Whitsun Luilak (=Lazybones Day) A not-Christian feast
May or June, 50 days after Easter Pinksterzaterdag Whit Saturday
May or June Pinksteravond Whitsun eve
May or June Eerste Pinksterdag or Pinksterzondag Whit Sunday
May or June Tweede Pinksterdag or Pinkstermaandag Whit Monday
May or June Pinksterdrie  
November 1 Allerheiligen All Saint's Day, All Hallows
November 11 Sint Maarten Martinmas
December 5/6 Sinterklaas or Sint-Nicolaas  
December 24, evening and night Kerstavond and kerstnacht Christmas Eve and Christmas night
December 25 Eerste kerstdag Christmas- day
December 26 Tweede kerstdag Boxing- day
December 27 The Childrens' Bishop


Religious- and non-religieus feasts in Belgium
Feasts, marked red and bold are public holiday's
January 1
New Year's Day
January 6
Three Kings (Epiphany)
Verloren Maandag
Lost Monday
(first Monday following 6th January)
Goede Vrijdag
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
2de Paasdag; Paasmaandag
Easter Monday
May 1
Feest van de Arbeid; Dag van de Arbeid
Labor Day
May 11
Mother's Day
Onze Lieve Heer Hemelvaartdag
Ascension Day
Whit Sunday (Pentecost)
2de Pinksterdag
Whit Monday
July 11
Feest v/d Vlaamse Gemeenschap
Flemish Community Holiday(only in Flanders)
July 11
Battle of the Spurs
July 21
Nationale Feestdag
Belgian National (Indipendence) Day
August 15
Maria Tenhemelopneming
Assumption Day
September 27
Feest v.d. Waalse Gemeenschap
Wallonian Community Holiday (only in the Frenchspeaking parts)
November 1
All Saint's Day
November 2
All Soul's Day
November 11
Dag van de Wapenstilstand (1918)
Armistice Day (1918)
November 15
Tag de Einheit (Dag van de Duitse Gemeenschap)/Koningsfeest/Feest van de Dynastie
German Community Holiday(Only in the Germanspeaking parts)
December 5
Sint Niklaas
Saint Nicholas
December 25
Christmas Day
December 26
Tweede Kerstdag
Boxing Day
December 31
New Year's Eve

Kruideniersmuseum Betje Boerhave Heirs. This very small museum actually is housed in a former grocer-shop in the centre of the town of Utrecht. The museum conservated the look of this grocer-shop anno 1873 and there is a exhibition of products of that area and later.
There also are two more museums of grocer-shops in the Netherlands:
1. Kruideniersmuseum of Albert Heijn, at the Kalveringdijk 5, Zaandam, a few miles north of Amsterdam;
2. Kruideniersmuseum 'De Vier Geslachten', Noordlaren, a few miles south of the town of Groningen;
3. Kruideniersmuseum, Venestraat 61, Leidschendam, a few miles north of The Hague;
4. Kruideniersmuseum "den Halven Maen", Brielle, southwest of Rotterdam.

Click here to see some pictures of the Kruideniersmuseum in the town of Utrecht.
(Pictures will be opened in a new window)