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the vault

2 contemporary dutch painters
Nice gallery of two Dutch artists: oilpainting, watercolor's and drawings. Worth a visit.

eggen logo

Dutch landscapes and other
free work of the
Dutch painter, illustrator
Piet Eggen

photographs from the Netherlands
Gallery of the Netherlands.
Click the picture to visit this growing database of pictures of Dutch landscapes, townviews, mill's and rivers.
(Amateur) photographers daily provide this database of new photographs from all over the country. If you want to have your personal photo of any place in the Netherlands added to this database, just feel free to contact me

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The National Archive, the Hague, providing all sorts of historical and genealogical information. This website is for a great part written in English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. Most sources and historical information is in Dutch however, but all the main information - and that's quite much- is available in the language of your choice.
Persons, researchers who want professional help for historical and/or genealogical research, basic or extensive look-ups in (specialized)  libraries or archives should definitely visit the  'Dutch Archives historical research bureau'. This excellent, professional site is in Dutch and English. The leader of this bureau -situated in Leiden- is highly qualified: visit the site to get an idea!
To find all possible archives in the Netherlands the very complete website on archives from Eric Hennekam is listing almost all. The only thing is that the page loads pretty slowly: waiting though pays!

Another site which gives very good information about the Pilgrims, is the beautiful 'Pilgrim Archive '. This site is completely written in English. On this site there's also the possibility to search for summaries about the Pilgrims in the Leiden Municipal Archive.

And...Don't forget the wonderful source of old maps to be found at:
The Atlas of Mutual Heritage website

Complete list of all Dutch State Archives

Dutch Archives. Historical research bureau
Official list of abbreviations of all Dutch Archives and Archive-depots

The Dutch Rijksarchief dienst (State Archives Office) is made up of the Nationaal Archief (the former Algemeen Rijksarchief = Main State Archive) at the Hague and 11 more (state) archives divided over the other 11 Dutch provincial capitals

Groninger ArchievenCascadeplein 4 9726 AD


Rijksarchief in FrieslandBoterhoek 3 3911 DH


Rijksarchief in DrentheBrink 4 9401 HS


Rijksarchief in OverijsselEikenstraat 20 8021 WX


Rijksarchief in FlevolandVisarenddreef 1 8232 PH


Rijksarchief in GelderlandMarkt 1 6811 CG


Het Utrechts ArchiefAlexander Numankade 201 3572 KW


Rijksarchief Noord-HollandKleine Houtweg 18 2012 CH


Algemeen RijksarchiefPrins Willem-Alexanderhof 20

2595 BE


Zeeuws ArchiefHofplein 16 4330 AB


Rijksarchief in Noord-BrabantZuid-Willemsvaart 2

5211 NW
' s-Hertogenbosch


Rijksarchief in LimburgSt.Pieterstraat 7 6211 JM




Dutch Regional Archives
Dutch Municipal Archives
Amsterdam archive [partly Dutch/English]
Delft Municipal Archive (Zuid-Holland)
Deventer Archive (Overijssel)
Church Archives
Archive and Documentation:
Maliebaan 38-40
Postcode 3581CR
the Netherlands
Postal box 14019,
3508SB Utrecht
Telephone 030 - 2338030
Fax 030 - 2311962
You will also be able to find information about the Bishopric of Utrecht at the “Utrechts Archief
You can for instance find here the “Archives of the bishop of Utrecht and the five Chapters (=Kapittels) of the town of Utrecht (11th century - 1811)

Belgium Archives

Algemeen Rijksarchief en Rijksarchief in de Provincien/
Archives de l'État en Belgique
[State Archives in Belgium]

Ruisbroekstraat 2
1000 Brussel
Tel: (+32) 02/513.76.80 
Fax: (+32) 02/513.76.81 
Archief van het Koninklijk Paleis Hertogsstraat 2
1000 Brussel
Tel: (+32) 02/551.20.20
Fax: (+32) 02/512.56.85
Rijksarchieven in het Vlaams Gewest Door Verstraeteplein 5
2018 Antwerpen
Tel :  03/677.34.99
Fax: 03/677.39.23
Rijksarchief at Antwerpen Door Verstraeteplein 5
2018 Antwerpen
Tel and Fax: 
(+32) 03/236.73.00 
Rijksarchief at Anderlecht Demetskaai 7
1070 Anderlecht
Tel : 02/524.61.15
Fax : 01/520.93.21
Rijksarchief at Beveren

Kruibekesteenweg 39/1
9120 Beveren
Tel (+32) 03/750.29.77 
Fax (+32) 03/750.29.70 
Rijksarchief at Brugge
Academiestraat 14-18
8000 Brugge
Tel: +(32) 050/33.72.88 
Fax: +(32) 050/61.09.18
Rijksarchief at Gent
Geraard de Duivelstraat 1
9000 Gent
Tel and Fax: (+32) 09/225.13.38 
Rijksarchief at Hasselt
Bampslaan 4
3500 Hasselt
Tel (+32) 011/22.17.66 
Fax (+32) 011/23.40.46
Rijksarchief at Kortrijk
G. Gezellestraat 1
8500 Kortrijk
Tel (+32) 056/21.32.68
Fax (+32) 056/20.57.42
Rijksarchief at Leuven
College van Villers
Vaartstraat 24 Leuven
Tel (+32) 016/31.49.54
Fax (+32) 016/31.49.61
Rijksarchief at Ronse
Vanhovestraat 45
9600 Ronse
Tel and Fax: (+32) 055/21.19.83 
Rijksarchief at Arlon
Parc des Expositions 9
B 6700 Arlon
Tel and Fax: 063/22.06.13 
Rijksarchief at Huy

Ancien couvent des Frères Mineurs
Rue Vankeerberghen, 20 
4500 Huy
Tel: (+32) 085/21.53.95
Fax: (+32) 085/21.55.42
Rijksarchief at Liège
Rue du chéra, 79
4000 Liège
Tel: (+32) 04 / 252.03.93
Fax: (+32) 04 / 229.33.50 
Rijksarchief at Louvain-la-Neuve
temporary address
Archives générales du Royaume
2, rue de Ruysbroeck
1000 Bruxelles
Tel (+32) 02/513.76.80
Fax (+32) 02/513.76.81
Rijksarchief at Mons
Place du Parc, 23
7000 Mons
Tel et Fax: (+32) 065/35.45.06 
Rijksarchief at Namur
Rue d'Arquet, 45
5000 Namur
Tel: (+32) 081/22.34.98
Fax: (+32) 081/65.41.99
Rijksarchief at Saint-Hubert
Ancienne Abbaye - Quartier Abbatial
Place de l'Abbaye
6870 Saint-Hubert
Tel et Fax: (+32) 061/61.14.55
Rijksarchief at Tournai (Doornik)
Place Paul-Emile Janson, 3
7500 Tournai
Tel (+32) 069/22.53.76 
Fax (+32) 069/54.54.83
Dutch Antilles and Surinam

Luxembourg Archives
French Archives
German Archives
VOC archives
TANAP. Archives keeping VOC-documents

Rest Europe/World

Search archives in the Netherlands and Belgium:


Dutch, Belgian Historic Center's
(all in Dutch/French)

All groups, societies in Belgium and the Netherlands, involved in the research of
regional history / geography / folklore are called
"Heemkundige"- or "Oudheidkundige" Verenigingen (=societies),Kringen (=circles) or Genootschappen (=societies, associations)

In the links below I have bolded the names of the village(s), region(s) and / or town(s)

The Netherlands
Heemkundige en Oudheidkundige verenigingen in Nederland
[Portal of -almost- all history societies in the Netherlands]