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Click on one of the alphabet-sheets below to go to an extra large (printable) version. Mind that this version will be opened in a new window. NOTE: Unfortunately printing of these alphabet-sheets works well in Microsoft Internet Explorer, but doesn't work properly in Netscape 4.0 and later. You might in this case consider to save these pictures to your disk and print them, using your favorite graphic program. Please do mail me if you experience problems or if you want to have some extra help.

As to these two examples of Dutch alphabets ( both the 16th- /17th -century alphabet and the 16th -century alphabet):

I checked several (old) books in our municipal library at Enschede and I found out that different books did show rather identical alphabets. BUT, there are also quite some differences and/or variations. Bear in mind that these two alphabets shown, basically can only provide a general idea. To really do any transcribing-work properly, one has to take a deeper dive into the extremely complex world of old Dutch handwriting.


1. Types of the 16th-/ 17th -century Dutch characters






2. Types of the 16th -century Dutch characters